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Not every legal issue requires an attorney. However, in many situations involving a legal dispute, the risk of self-representation may far outweigh the cost of retaining experienced counsel. This is why our team at Tidwell & Associates is here for you. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience used when seeking a successful end to your case.

Your lawyer at our firm can advise if your claim against another party has merit, is barred by a statute of limitations, or may be better suited for an alternative resolution outside of court action. Your attorney can advise when time is of the essence. In some instances, the law requires a claimant to notify potential defendants about any injury within a short period of time – as little as a few weeks or months.

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If you anticipate that you may face a civil suit, an attorney can provide guidance on taking a pro-active stance toward case resolution. We handle every case on its own merits, as we know each situation is unique.

Our firm can step in if you are accused of civil rights violations, need help with probate and estate issues, or are seeking to end a dispute regarding housing and/or construction defects. In addition, our firm can assist when you or a loved one are injured. For businesses, we also provide proactive risk assessment and handle many business-related conflicts such as breach of contract issues.

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