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While a good trial lawyer will help you get out of the case as fast and inexpensively as possible, having an attorney who has experience taking a lawsuit all the way through the trial process will allow you to save money in the long run if the case does go to trial. It also means your attorney isn’t going to push you to settle if you have a winning argument.

At Tidwell & Associates, in Chattanooga, we are never afraid to take a case to trial if it means pursuing the best possible outcome for our clients. We handle a large variety of civil rights lawsuits, including probate and construction defect representation. We also handles other types of cases, described below.

Personal Injury Cases

If injured in an accident, it is important to consult with a lawyer before discussing your case with the insurance company or any other party. We can ensure your rights are protected, determine who is at fault and seek the compensation you deserve for the lost wages, property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses you may have sustained. We confidently handle personal injury cases involving all types of motor vehicle accidents, semi-truck accidents and slip-and-falls.

DUI Defense

If you have been arrested for or charged with drunk driving (called DUI or driving under the influence in Tennessee), you are facing a wide range of consequences. The penalties for a conviction on a DUI charge can include probation, jail time, large monetary fines, the loss of your driver’s license and more. To protect your driving privileges and your criminal record, it is best to have an aggressive defense lawyer on your side who can be with you every step of the way. We can determine whether making a plea arrangement with the prosecution is best or taking the case to trial and seeking a not-guilty verdict makes sense for you.

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