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Skilled Handling Of Estate Litigation And Will Contest Cases

Whether you are the acting trustee, the beneficiary of a trust, the executor of an estate or the beneficiary and/or heir to estate proceeds, there are sometimes disputes. If you are pulled into such a dispute or have already been sued, turn to our legal team at Tidwell & Associates in Chattanooga.

We have more than 40 years of combined experience handling a wide variety of probate and estate administration matters, including litigation involving wills and estates. Our lawyers and staff know how emotionally-charged these cases can be, as family members may be involved in the dispute. We approach your case with sensitivity ​and confidence in order to move forward.

Disputes Over A Will Or Trust

If a will contest is going to be filed, it needs to be done quickly. Otherwise, there may not be an estate to fight over. If the money gets distributed to the heirs it could be gone forever. The statute of limitations on a breach of trust action is just one year from your discovery of the malfeasance or when you should have reasonably known. Again, waiting can lead to the wasting of assets.

Gather every document you have that relates to the matter. This includes the will or trust in question, any powers of attorney executed by the person whose will or trust is in issue (let’s call this person the ward), any financial documents of the ward, a list of their doctors, any documents related to real estate of the ward, and any other information you have relevant to the dispute at hand.

You also want to list any benefits you have received from the ward personally or pursuant to the trust or will.

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